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Fri 30th June 13.45 - 15.15

First symposium session: parallel symposia


Symposia 4.1 Attachment security in adolescence: Origins in childhood parenting quality, relation to offending, and contribution to psychopathy
Early Caregiving Origins of Attachment Security in Adolescence

111 juvenile thieves: revisiting Bowlby’s (1944) observations on the quality of home relationships and offending

Attachment Security in Callous-Unemotional Variants of Antisocial Youth

Symposia 4.2 The Social Relational World and Development of Children Born Preterm: Infancy through Adulthood
Contribution of Maternal Mental State Talk to Joint Attention Abilities in Late Preterm Infants

Negative Affect in the Mother-Child Relationship in Preterm Infants: Predictors and Later Correlates

Early Interactions, Attachment, and Resilience at Age 6 in Children Born Preterm

Social Relationships of Very Preterm Children in Adulthood: The Bavarian Longitudinal Study

Symposia 4.3 New Directions in Attachment Transmission Research: Individual Participant Data Synthesis
For whom attachment transmits across generations: Refining moderator effects using Individual Participant Data synthesis
An Examination of Cross-Over Transmission of Attachment using Individual Participant Data synthesis

Mediation Analysis of the Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment Gap in a Large Individual Participant Dataset

Differential intergenerational transmission of unresolved loss or trauma on disorganized attachment for secure and insecure relationships

Symposia 4.4 Training Clinicians to Take an Attachment Oriented Approach to Clinical Work
Longitudinal Examination of Parent Coach Fidelity in Community-based Implementation Efforts of Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up

Utilizing Video Observation to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Clinical Training in an Attachment-Based Intervention for Parents and Children at Risk for Child Maltreatment

Validation of a competence coding system for the Group Attachment Based Intervention (GABI©)

Symposia 4.5 Is attachment shaping language or language shaping attachment? A closer look into the reciprocal influences between the two domains
An Investigation of Youth’s Pronoun and Emotion Word Use on the Child Attachment Interview: Associations with Attachment Security and Psychosocial Risk

The influence of attachment style on infant-directed speech: a longitudinal study

The role of child verbal development on Children's Representations of Attachment and Positive Teacher-Child Relationships

The severity of preterm birth moderates the relation between mothers’ mind-mindedness and infants’ linguistic outcomes: a longitudinal investigation