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Sat 1st July 16.45 - 18.15

Parallel Session 9


Symposia 9.1 Panel discussion on disorganized attachment and social/clinical policy

Symposia 9.2 Infusing Attachment Approaches into Community-Based Service Delivery
Early Head Start plus Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up for Low-Income Families: Initial RCT Findings

Relations among caregiver adversity, insightfulness, parenting and the social-emotional functioning of children in a therapeutic preschool program

Circle of Security-Parenting and Low-Income Families Enrolled in Head Start

Symposia 9.3 The embodiment of attachment in action

Symposia 9.4 Joining together and reflecting on attachment theory, research and practice

Symposia 9.5 Predictors, correlates and consequences of resolving loss, relationship breakup and traumatic experiences: What attachment interviews can tell us
Mapping the road from childhood adversity to personality disorder: The role of unresolved states of mind

Is there something like vulnerability toward remaining Unresolved with regard to loss and/or separation? Test of a mediation model to predict AAI Unresolved status from early adversity, emotion regulation, and autobiographical memory functioning

The influence of previous pair bonds on attachment representations: Resolving relationship breakup in young adulthood