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Thu 29th June 15.15 - 16.45

Poster Session 2


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P-02Paternal bonding in childhood and attachment anxiety and avoidance in adulthood are associated with the prevalence of depression in chronic diseases population. Pilot study.Dr Alena Javůrková
P-05Emotion regulation difficulties as mediators of the relationship between romantic attachment and forgiveness to the ex partner in the context of divorce and separation in a Chilean sampleProfessor Karla


P-08Early intervention in feeding and eating disorders. Further developments and applications of experimental methods in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic clinical practice with the under threes group. An evaluation of triadic relational development as a measure of infant’s receptivity to feeding and eating interactions.Ms Silvina Diaz Bonino
P-14Links among Attachment, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Romantic RelationshipsProfessor Brandi Stupica
P-17The neural basis of trait attachment insecurity in adults, adolescents, and childrenDr Pascal Vrticka
P-20Adult attachment, anger regulation and aggression following an insult-based anger induction procedureDr Zara Brodie
P-23Attachment Behaviours in Infants Brought Up in Residential Group CareMrs Dimitra Karadimoula
P-26The peculiarities of mothers’ attitude to their adopted children and the security of children’s’ attachment to their adoptive parentsMrs Natalia Sabelnikova
P-32Pre-adoptive adversity and adoptees’ distress: the protective role of attachment securityProfessor Rosalinda Cassibba
P-35Stress and attachment experiences in the early childhood: Does the quality of the mother-infant relationship influence the cortisol response during the Strange Situation Procedure?Miss Christina Mayinger
P-38Convergent and criterion validity of the Maternal Behaviour Q-Sort 3.1 in a sample of Peruvian mothersMrs Magaly Nóblega
P-41The Features Of Perception Of The World And The Image Of Myself In Different Types Of Attachment To Mother In AdulthoodMrs Ekaterina Klimenko
P-47Identifying Changes in Reflective Functioning in Group Supervision Sessions with Trainees in the Group Attachment-Based InterventionMs Elena Lord
P-50Couple relationships in the light of early attachmentProfessor Raphaële Miljkovitch
P-53Separate caregiving environments and diversity of attachment internal working modelsProfessor Raphaële Miljkovitch
P-56Attachment in the elderly: respective roles of primary and/or later relationships on coping with early cognitive disorders Emilie Walsh
P-59Insecure attachment and pervasiveness of internal working modelsMrs Marie Danet
P-62Maternal Sensitivity, Mother’s MAOA-uVNTR polymorphism and their association with ASD SeverityMs Carla Marquez
P-65Contacts with biological parents following placement in foster care: associations with sleep disturbancesPhD Candidate

Pierre-luc D. Paré

P-68Results of the Attachment & Child Health (ATTACH) Pilot Trials of a Parental Reflective Function InterventionProfessor Nicole Letourneau
P-71Emotion regulation and its linkage to the relationship between attachment and problem behaviour in adolescenceMiss Ilona Skoczeń
P-74Associations between adult attachment and: maternal sensory patterns, maternal-foetal attachment, and maternal-infant attachment.Ms Grace Branjerdporn
P-76Associations between Maternal and Child Attachment Representations and ADHD: Preliminary Findings and Clinical implicationsPernille Darling Rasmussen
P-78The validity and relevance of utilizing insights from the attachment paradigm with material from the Jewish and Christian ScripturesRev Colin Critchley
P-80Life satisfaction, as a measure of subjective well-being, and attachment in outpatients adolescentsProfessor Karla Alvarez
P-82Group Attachment Based Intervention (GABI) for at-risk families: Factors associated with attendance and treatment implicationsM.A. Jeana Demairo
P-144The Implementation of Primary Prevention Program in Another Culture: SAFE® – Safe Attachment Formation for Educators as a pilot project in Russia.Olga Popova