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Thu 29th June 16.45 - 18.15

Poster Session 3


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P-03Does Agreeing Or Not On Adoption Influence Infertile Couple’s Dyadic Adjustment? The Protective Role Of Adult AttachmentMrs Anisa Luli
P-06Child’s oxytocin response to mother-child interaction: the contri­butions of child’s emotional and behavioural problems and family psychosocial riskMiss Rita Baiao
P-09Attachment and ADHD: is there a relationship? Use of the Friends and Family Interview to explore for possible connectionsMr Iker Buruchaga


P-15Attachment security and socioemotional adjustment in middle childhoodMiss Marta Antunes
P-18Children’s Social Emotional Development: Contribution of Moth­ers’ Knowledge of Child Development, Social Support, Caregiving Representations, and Attachment TraumaMs Shiyu Zhang
P-24Adolescent Attachment and Behaviour Problems: The Role of Pater­nal and Maternal Adult AttachmentMs Lin Bao
P-30Attachment Stability in Children Aged 9 to 11 Years of Age in Nu­clear and Extended FamiliesMiss Şeyda Uçar
P-33The Relationships among the Attachment Dimensions and the Separation Individuation Aspect in terms of Intimate Relationships in Turkish University StudentsMiss Sevilay Sitrava
P-36Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Toddlers (PCIT-T): Changing experience as well as behaviorDr Jane Kohlhoff
P-39Can The Quality Of Attachment Improve With Time Spent Between Parents And Their Infant In Caregiving Routines?Professor

Marina Fuertes

P-42The role of parental experiences in the relation between homopho­bia and attitudes toward homosexuality in adolescence: an Italian studyProf. Alessandra


P-45Early attachment development under risk exposure: A German longitudinal studyMs Jennifer Gerlach
P-48Attachment and the regulation of positive emotionDr Zara Brodie
P-51Maternal reflective functioning and child attachment: exploring the link in the middle childhoodRasa Barkauskiene
P-54Adult romantic attachment and psychopathological symptoms in Peruvian undergraduates: The role of emotional regulation.Professor Magaly


P-57Sensitivity and attachment security with multiple attachment fig­ures and social competence in preschool children in Lima – PeruMiss Katherine


P-63The relationship between mentalization, attachment and personal­ity disordersDr. Lilac Lev-ari
P-66Unsatisfied with your romantic life? Blame the other guyDr. Lilac Lev-ari
P-69Transforming Connections: An Attachment-Based Group For Car­egivers Of Trans And Gender Nonconforming YouthMiss Antonia


P-72A web-based parenting simulation: Avoidance in adult attachment style is related to negative aspects of caregiving even when the child is raised in cyberspaceProfessor Douglas Symons
P-81Early Dysfunctional Parental Influence in Leadership Development: An Adult Attachment PerspectiveProfessor Yiwen Zhang