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Fri 30th June 13.45 - 15.15

Poster Session 4


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P-85Fostering Secure Attachment: Experiences Of Animal Companions In The Foster HomeDr Sam Carr
P-88Perceived Parent Career Behaviour of Adolescents with Different Types of Attachment to MotherMs Tatiana Konshina
P-91Pathways Linking Prenatal Maternal Stress from a Natural Disaster to Toddler Behavioural Outcomes: The QF2011 Queensland Flood StudyMrs Belinda Lequertier
P-94Foster children’s behavioral and emotional adjustment : Links to attachment narrativesProfessor Emmanuelle Toussaint
P-97Attachment and Theory of Mind in Early AdolescenceMrs Marta Szpak
P-100Assessment of preschool teachers’ mentalizing capacitiesMiss Daniela Mayer
P-103Attachment as a resource for healthy aging and psychological need satisfaction in older adults’ daily lifeMs Annika Martin
P-106So-called attachment parenting – single case studyMrs Zuzana Masopustova
P-109Subjective loneliness, well-being and marital satisfaction in couples with different attachment stylesMs Monika Kornaszewska-Polak
P-112Attachment parenting: The characteristics of mothersMrs Veronika Hanáčková
P-115Brief repeated maternal separation in mice: does it matter?Mrs Olga Burenkova
P-118Transition of attachment hierarchy from early to late adolescence: Latent class and latent transition analysesMr. Jakub Kraus
P-121The role of maternal antenatal depression and cortisol on infants’ stress regulationMs Sarah Nazzari
P-124The Role of Fathers’ Parenting Expectations and Experiences in the Longitudinal Link between Attachment Avoidance and Postnatal Depressive SymptomatologyMarlis Wullenkord
P-133Attachment Security at 24 months and Curiosity at Kindergarten in a Nationally Representative US SampleProfessor Prachi Shah
P-136Internal working models of attachment in dreamsMs Marie-Michèle Bédard
P-139Attachment Stability and Childcare Transition in Chile.Dr. Rodrigo Cárcamo
P-142Attachment behavior, attachment representations and attachment disorder symptoms in Georgian foster children.Mrs Nino Jorjadze
P-145Brain responses to children’s emotional expressions in mothers of school-aged children. Associations with mothers’ trait anxiety.Dr. Melanie Kungl
P-148A long-term follow-up with late-adopted children: stability and change of attachment models during adolescence.Miss Stefania Muzi
P-151The Mediating Role of Emotion Socialization Between Maternal Mentalization and Toddlers’ Socio-Emotional AdjustmentDr Feyza Corapci
P-154Being a mother of preterm multiples in the context of socioeconomic adversity: Psychological symptoms, daily stress, and sensitivityJoana Baptista
P-157Mothers’ Attachment Style Predicts Insensitive Parenting Behavior: The Mediating Role of Maternal Emotions and Attributions About Child DistressMs Jacquelyn Gross
P-160The Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR) Study– Supporting Mums and BubsMs Sharyn Bant
P-186The influence of prenatal risks on attachment, emotion regulation and emotional and behavioral problems in middle childhood: A prospective longitudinal study Clara Ziegler
P-194Associations between attachment security and hippocampal and amygdalar volumes in early childhoodJessica Stern