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Fri 30th June 15.15 - 16.45

Poster Session 5


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P-83Attachment and children’s social behaviors: A longitudinal study from the age 6 to 11 years on prosociality, shyness and aggression of children with secure and insecure attachmentMiss Şeyda Çetintaş
P-86Parent-child attachment and preschoolers’ self-regulation: Secure base support to emotional regulation and autonomy in preschool classroomsMrs Carla Fernandes
P-89Pathways to Increased Foster Placement Stability: Reductions in Adolescent Problem Behaviour After Caregiver Participation in Connect for Foster ParentsMs Katherine O’Donnell
P-92Struggling with own parenting after an upbringing with substance abusing parentsMrs Eva Tedgard
P-95Preliminary Results from an RCT of Family Minds – A Mentalizing Psychoeducation Intervention for Foster ParentsMs Tina Adkins
P-101Psychometric Properties of Massie-Campbell Attachment During Stress Scale (ADS) in children between 8 and 11 months old from Lima, PeruProfessor Magaly


P-104The Role of Maternal Psychological Well-being and Mentalization in Emotion Socialization during ToddlerhoodMs Gizem Arikan
P-107‘Quality Of Life’, Emotional Wellbeing And Behavioural Health As Experienced By Young Children With Congenital Heart Disease: A Systematic Review.Associate Professor Nadine Kasparian
P-110The specificity of attachment-related interpretation bias modifica­tion trainingMs Martine Verhees
P-113Ecological moderators of three generational transmission of at­tachment through parenting in families of adolescents in PolandDr Katarzyna


P-116Risk Taking and Attachment in adolescence: the mediating role of emotion dysregulation.Guyonne Rogier
P-119Psychometric evidences in support of the Harter’s response format: a study with the Security ScaleTatiana Marci
P-122Security of attachment moderates the effects of maternal prenatal anxiety on infants’ anxiety problems at 14 months of age.Ms Sarah Nazzari
P-128Links among Attachment, Authentic Leadership, and Leader Emer­genceProfessor Brandi


P-131Exploratory study and validation of Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD) in low- and middle-socioeconomic status mothersMiss Katherine


P-134Intranasal Oxytocin Enhances Trust in Inpatient Adolescents and Attachment ModeratesDr. Amanda Venta
P-137The contribution of attachment disorganization and sensory regu­lation on child externalizing behaviors in clinic-referred preschool­ersMiss Aliya Mubarak
P-140The use of well-established research attachment measures to as­sess attachment in child custody evaluations: Just an exception or the norm?Jörn Meyer
P-143Attachment styles and post traumatic growth among suicide loss survivors: The mediating role of interpersonal characteristicsDr. Lilac Lev-ari
P-146Video-feedback preventive program offered to all first time parents in a italian primary care pediatrican’s office: preliminary data analy­sis of the first year implementation.Dr Sergio Facchini
P-149Early Signs of Role Reversal in Child-Parent InteractionsMs Jessica Usem
P-152The mediating role of precociously turning to peers: Conduct disor­der to internalizing symptoms.Mr Jose Mari del Casal
P-155The prevalence of early withdrawal behavior in risk and non-risk samples of infantsSenior Researcher Hanne Cecilie Braarud
P-158Precursors of social emotional functioning among full-term and preterm infants at 12 months: Early infant withdrawal behavior and symptoms of maternal depressionAssociate Professor Vibeke Moe
P-161Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project (CIMHP): Effects of Infant Mental Health Screening and Indicated Prevention Approaches- Preliminary Results from a Randomized Control StudyAssociate Professor Mette Skovgaard Væver