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Fri 30th June 16.45- 18.15

Poster Session 6


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P-84 Attachment in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Case of Arab Infants and Mothers in Israel Dr. Ghadir Zreik
P-87 The Scent of Security: Effects of Romantic Partner Odor and Adult Attachment Security on Subjective Discomfort and Electrodermal Responses to Stress Professor Pehr Granqvist
P-90 Infant self-regulation and mother-infant attachment in Portuguese healthy preterm and full-term infants Professor Marina Fuertes
P-93 The Relationship Between Insecure Attachment And Anorexia Nervosa In Women Miss Brandee Silverman
P-96 Pre-teen Attachment Security is related to More Positive Parental Expectations for Adolescence Ms Negina Khalil
P-99 Is parental attachment security contextual? Taiwanese parent-child attachment patterns across sporting, schooling, and global domains Miss Ya-Hsin Lai

Dr. Sam Carr

P-102 Effects of Video-Feedback Intervention on Maternal Intrusiveness Prof. Dr. Nebi Sümer
P-105 Mental health and wellbeing in adolescence: Research protocol and preliminary results Mr. Alessandro Decarli
P-108 Insecure attachment as a factor of vulnerability of hoarding behaviours Mrs Marie Danet
P-111 How do residential care social climate and relationship with caregiver associate with adolescent’s well-being? Miss Mónica Costa
P-114 Looking at faces: Infants` Quality of Attachment predicts their Visual Responses towards different Facial Expressions Professor Marina Fuertes
P-117 Maternal perinatal or current depressive symptoms and parenting behaviour in middle childhood. Dipl.-Psych. Vera Zalan
P-120 Effects of an attachment-based intervention on maternal discipline in a maltreatment risk sample: A pilot study Ms Sarah Nazzari
P-123 Theory to practice: An exploration of the current application of attachment concepts and methods in UK health and social care practice with children and families. Mrs Sarah Foster

Dr Helen Beckwith

P-126 Can Unresolved attachment status after losing a loved one be predicted from early adversity and mentalization? Ms Christina Deller
P-129 Effect of Video-Feedback Intervention for Positive Parenting on Marital Functioning Prof. Nebi Sümer
P-132 Adaptation and Evaluation of Video-Feedback Intervention for Sensitive Care in Childcare Centers in Uruguay Mrs Jenny Ortiz
P-135 Attachment to adoptive parents, image of self and parents of the adopted children Mrs Natalia Sabelnikova
P-138 Parenting styles and well-being: The mediating role of basic psychological needs satisfaction and frustration in Peruvian adolescents Professor Lennia Matos
P-141 Effectiveness of Video Intervention Therapy with mothers of children with ASD in Mexico Ms Tania Alejandra Herrera Velasco
P-144 DMM assessment of attachment in school-age children with HFA: from a categorical approach to a functional formulation Mr Michele Giannotti
P-150 Parent-adolescent attachment and peer victimization at school: Do adolescent’s aggressive or non-aggressive social behaviours make a difference? Maryse Guedes
P-153 Associations between preschoolers’ attachment representations and self-concept during late childhood Leandra Coelho
P-159 Faith in the Wake of Disaster: A Qualitative Study of How Disasters Affect Adults’ Religious Attachment Representations Dr. Edward B. Davis
P-162 The Religious Attachment Interview Frances Nkara M.S
P-164 A Case Study Exploring Changes in Human and Religious Attachment Representations Over the Course of Existential- Dynamic Psychotherapy Kari Halstensen