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Sat 1st July 15.15 - 16.45

Poster Session 8


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Poster Title


Presenting Author

P-166 Indiscriminate Friendliness and Behavior Problems in Dutch Foster Children MSc. Nikita K.


P-168 How social support recover the emotion after being excluded: the role of attachment Miss Beibei Kuang  
P-170 Adult attachment continues scores and emotion regulation as pre­dictors of couple adjustment: a pilot study Mrs Antonio Gnazzo  
P-174 Familial Psychological Abuse: The Role of Parental Attachment, Parent-Child Attachment, and Gender Mr Carlos Sierra


P-178 A preliminary validation study of the Ages and Stages Question­naire: Social- Emotional (ASQ:SE) with teacher reports. Mr Kenneth Stensen
P-180 Attachment Security and Developmental Patterns of Late Preterm Infants from Infancy to Kindergarten Professor Prachi E. Shah
P-182 Intracultural determinants of intergenerational transmission of attachment in adolescence Dr Katarzyna


P-184 “But don’t tell anybody!”: a pilot process research study exploring the impact of attachment-related nonverbal communication on the working alliance. Mrs Batool Alamire
P-190 Which Aspects of Childhood Attachment Predict Adult Attach­ment? Synergistic Effects of Anxiety and Avoidance in Relation to Mother and to Father Mr Gregory Gagnon
P-192 Personality traits across middle childhood: does attachment securi­ty matter? Miss Izabele Grausliene
P-196 Social Withdrawal, Attachment and Depression in Portuguese Ado­lescents Mrs Olívia Ribeiro
P-198 What do parents know about their children’s understanding of emotions? Accuracy of parental mentalization in a community sample of pre-schoolers Mrs Silja Berg Kårstad
P-200 Preliminary findings from an attachment- and sensitivity-based intervention for at-risk families with young children in rural Canada Professor Douglas Symons
P-202 Disordered Eating, Body Image, Hostile Parental Discipline, and Attachment Professor Brandi


P-204 Mother-child early interactions evolution along the first two years of life Professor M.T.


P-206 Intergenerational Transmission of Role Confusion – The Contribu­tions of Attachment Orientations and Self-Fragmentation Mrs Osnat Schwartz Stav
P-208 A multidimensional investigation of interpersonal and human-an­imal attachment: Associations with empathy and anthropomor­phism in Romanian cultural context Mrs Carmen Costea Barlutiu