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Thu 29th June 13.45 - 15.15

Poster Session 1





Poster Title


Presenting Author

P-01Can Brain Tell Us the Difference of Relationships? – Voice Processing in Intimate OthersMiss Shirong Zhang

Miss Beibei Kuang

P-04Maternal mental-state talk and psychological symptoms among mothers of infants born pretermMiss Joana Baptista
P-07Adoption, Trauma and Reparation: Co-Constructing Attachment Bond Using the Video Intervention TherapyMs Laura Caetani
P-10Quality of Attachment Representations and Teachers’ Ratings on Preschoolers’ Social AdjustmentMrs Marilia Fernandes
P-13Romantic Attachment And Commitment: A Mediation ModelMiss Chiara Bastianoni
P-16Teaching basic science in socio-emotional development to health and mental health professionals: The Interdisciplinary MA Program in Child DevelopmentMrs Tirtsa Joels
P-19Turkish Pregnant Women’s Concerns and Coping Strategies in The Middle of Uncertainty: Semi-structured Interviews with Thematic AnalysisMiss Didem Türe

Ms Başak Şahin-Acar

P-22Gender differences in relationship pattern: The role of avoidant attachment and conflict resolutionMiss Ione Bretaña
P-28From 320g in Incubator to Adulthood: Association Between Parental Bonding, Psychopathology and Consequences of Prematurity in a High Risk PopulationMiss Carmen Walter
P-31Effectiveness of an Attachment-Based Video-Feedback Intervention

among Turkish Mother-Child Dyads

Dr Nebi Sümer
P-34Sexuality In Adolescents: The Role Of Emotion Regulation.Guyonne Rogier
P-37Attachment in Middle Childhood is Related to Mentalizing in Early Adolescence: Findings from Longitudinal StudyMrs Lina

Gervinskaite Paulaitiene

P-40Psychosemantics mother’s image for different types of attachment to her in adulthoodMrs Olga Almazova
P-43Parental sensitivity and infant gender factor: State-space dynamic analysisProfessor M. Ángeles Cerezo
P-46Towards a multi-method and multi-informant assessment of preschooler’s attachmentProf. Marie Stiévenart
P-49Participants Unresolved for Loss on the AAI Exhibit Differential EEG Alpha and Delta Spectral Activity While Recalling Sorrowful Past EventsDr Naomi Bahm
P-52Attachment dimensions and styles within the Circumplex of Personality MetatraitsPhD Anna Czyżkowska
P-55Young Children’s Developmental Risk: Contributions of Mothers’ Representations of Attachment Trauma and Caregiving HelplessnessMrs Lauren Lee Wray
P-58Executive functions: Mediating role in the relation between attachment security and socio-emotional competence and between maternal sensitivity and socio-emotional competence in low socioeconomic status school age children from Peru.Miss Magaly Nóblega
P-61Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies: A Best Practice Preventative Approach to Pregnant Women and Child-Welfare-Involved FamiliesMorgan Hill
P-64B.A.S.E. BabyWatching Comes to the United States: Challenges, Rewards, and Lessons LearnedProfessor Janice Alves
P-67As tears go by: Baby tears trigger more brain activity than adult tears in nulliparous womenDr. Madelon Riem
P-70The Relationship Between Dispositional Mindfulness, Adult Attachment Orientations, and Emotion RegulationMiss Jodie Stevenson
P-73Emotional and Personal Development at Adolescence: Attachment StudiesMrs Tatiana Sadovnikova