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Fri 30th June 15.15 - 16.45

Second symposium session: parallel symposia


Symposia 5.1 Attachment in digital worlds: good games, bad games and life events
Avoidance of the real and anxiety about the unreal: Attachment style and video gaming

Attachment style and online risk: Proposing a framework for understanding online sexual solicitation

Using technology for assessing attachment vulnerability and stress – preliminary findings

Attachment in digital worlds: good games, bad games and life events

Symposia 5.2 Children's family drawings as reflection of attachment representations and the cultural context: Multi-context exploration
Family drawing attachment-based coding system and narrative and behavioral attachment measures in late-adopted and non-adopted children

Representations of attachment patterns in the family drawings of maltreated and nonmaltreated children

Family drawings of Israeli children: A looking glass into their internal world and their socialcultural environment

Symposia 5.3 Attachment disordered behaviors: Observational assessments, correlates, and stability
Observation of Inhibited Reactive Attachment Disorder Behaviors in School-Age Children

Inhibited attachment disorder symptoms in early childhood in children raised in foster and institutional care: Associations with preceding experiences and cultural context

Inhibited attachment disorder symptoms in maltreated pre-school children: Stability over the first year in foster care

Is indiscriminate behaviour of currently institutionalised children associated with attentional and behavioural regulation?

Symposia 5.4 The impact of depressive symptoms on father’s relationships as a parent, partner and coparent
Burdening Depressive Symptoms Postnatally Affect Parental Caregiving Representations and Behaviors in Mothers and Fathers Differently

The development of the coparenting relationship: relative contributions of child and parental psychopathology

Father-child interactions at 3-months and 2 years: contributions to children’s cognitive development at 2 years

Symposia 5.5 Adult Attachment Style: Implications for Parenting Behavior and Child Outcomes
Links between maternal attachment styles and components of maternal sensitivity in distress and low-distress contexts

Corporal punishment of preschoolers: Adult attachment style predicts mothers’ spanking behaviour

Associations between parental attachment anxiety and school-aged children’s emotion: Multimethod convergence across investigations

Parents’ preparation of children for medical procedures and children’s memory: The role of avoidant attachment